The potential for natural wealth in Indonesia is very wide, especially in the area where we come from. The potential for natural wealth in the form of an abun-dance of natural stones gives hope to the surround-ing community as a livelihood. With this, people will not be worried about meeting their economic needs. Of course, this will not work as it should if there is no platform that can manage and distribute/trade the products of the natural stone.

We see this as an op-portunity and try to provide a platform for producing and distributing/trading the products of these natural stones. Not only in the local market but we also see that the need for natural stone is very good in the global market. This is where our goal begins, namely to advance the economy. Our story begins in 2010, we started manufacturing natural stones in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.

Sukabumi is the place where we and this natural stone come from, therefore this natural stone is often called Sukabumi Green Stone/ people around usually call it “Batu Hejo”, besides that name this stone is also better known as Sukabumi Green Stone/ peo-ple in South America more often call it “Pedra Hijau Verde”.

The beginning of our business journey was not as easy as imagined, there were many obstacles that we had to face, but this did not dampen our steps, with the passion and hope of the people around us, and of course the trust of consumers, we learned and tried to do a better business. Over time, we realized that the market needs are not only Sukabumi Green Stone, but there are opportunities in other natural stones, therefore we started to provide other natural stone variants, for example, black lava stone, limestone, andesite, pebble, sandstone, bathtubs, and sinks of natural stone, etc.

Not only that, our story continues, following our orig-inal goal of advancing the economy, we continue to embrace and provide a platform so that the wheels of the economy around us continue to run. We started to expand our business to include sales of other prod-ucts such as sales of spices, commodities, furniture, and handicrafts such as boomerangs and slingshots. With the increase in our products, it is hoped that we can become a forum for bridging the economy between the surrounding community and the global market.